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Tuscany self guided motorcycle holiday

Tuscany self-guided motorcycle tour. All roads lead to Toscana.

Our Tuscany self-guided motorcycle tour has a real sense of holiday.

When it comes to an understanding the attraction towards a particular touring destination, Italy is a hard nut to crack. So what is it about Italy that makes it so attractive?

A little while ago, one of the locals, Leonardo da Vinci, might have inadvertently summed up Italy’s mysterious yet alluring effect in his Vitruvian Man drawing. He believed that everything in life connects to everything. And in Tuscany, it is true, perhaps more than anywhere else in Italy. There is a delicate balance of Greek art, Etruscan ingenuity and Roman architecture. Furthermore, as well as a great passion for delicious cuisine and fine wine, there is an even greater passion for exotic cars and even more for exotic motorcycles.  

However, this fantastic tour is not all about the destination alone. It is also and very much so about the journey too.

Your holiday begins with a gentle ride through the green pastures of the French as well as Belgian Ardennes. Then come the enjoyable roads of the Vosges Mountains and the ice-blue waters of the Swiss lakes. Finally, the challenging San Gotthard pass will mark your arrival in Tuscany. At the same time, the return leg of your journey extends the generosity of this great holiday even further. Your itinerary includes overnight stays by the shimmering shores of Lake Garda as well as the orchard fringed Lake Konstanz in Germany.

A four-star family-run hotel located in tranquil parkland will be your base for the next four nights. Besides elegantly furnished villa-style rooms, the hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool. But most importantly,it has a fantastic gourmet restaurant as well. The family grandma specially trained the in-house master chef, passing her culinary secrets down to the next generation. As a result, he serves tasty fare of traditional local Tuscan dishes.

On this tour, you can visit Florence for its renaissance art. Pop to Siena for its striking cathedral as well as Pisa’s for its leaning tower. In Lucca, you can explore the old town. Get lost in a maze of narrow cobbled streets and alleys and walk the city walls. Take stunning photos from the surrounding hills of San Gimignano and its towers. Alternatively, take a pleasant train journey. Which snakes and winds along the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera, taking you to breathtaking Cinque Terre. The five cliffhanging fishing villages are famous for their houses painted in bright colours. This spectacular site is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in Tuscany.

And finally, as a must, there are visits to the famous Ducati or Ferrari factory as well. In addition to the factory visits, there is also a ride over the superb Futa Pass. Ducati uses this legendary mountain road to test their bikes. This fabulous biking route runs for over seventy miles. The roadwinds from Bologna over the Apennine mountains back to your hotel.

Tuscany is the land where all ingredients for a great motorcycle holiday come together perfectly and effortlessly. Gastronomy is sensational, the hospitality is exceptional, the scenery is inspirational, and, of course, the riding is phenomenal. As Leonardo said, ‘everything connects to everything’- a perfect Wheel of Life.

For more day-to-day information regarding the Tuscany self-guided motorcycle tour / self guided motorcycle holiday, please spend some time studying the tour itinerary below.

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Tour highlights:

When to go:

May to September - during August, a high-season supplement is applicable


France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany

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Day by day tour itinerary

Day 1 – Folkestone to Sedan (France) (Approx mileage 200)

You will start this fantastic Tuscany self-guided motorcycle tour / self guided motorcycle holiday with the morning Eurotunnel crossing to Calais. 100 or so miles on the motorway through France will get you quickly to Belgium. As you head towards the Ardennes Region, you will cross the borders between France and Belgium on several occasions.

Your route will take you through Philippeville, Bouillon and Givet. You can stop at any or all of these towns for lunch or drink. On our guided tours, we usually stop at Givet. It is a charming little riverside town with quite a few cafés and restaurants. As there are always plenty of spaces, parking is not a problem. 

The whole ride today is not that long and demanding, so you should be in your hotel by mid-afternoon. The hotel is a converted medieval fort with comfortable rooms, a fantastic restaurant and a welcoming atmosphere.

"France produces nearly a billion tons of cheese a year in around 1,200 different varieties"

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Tuscany self guided motorcycle holiday