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Dolomites and Lake Garda guided motorcycle holiday

Dolomites and Lake Garda guided-motorcycle-tour includes the best of Italy. Best mountain passes, lake views, outstanding cuisine.

Our Dolomites and Lake Garda guided motorcycle holiday takes us to Italy’s two most beautiful mountain regions. These two stunning Alpine provinces might be pretty close in terms of distance and, on the surface, appear very similar. However, they are very distinct geographically, different climatically, diverse culturally and uniquely appetising gastronomically. During this fantastic tour, we’ll be able to explore those differences, stay in comfortable biker-friendly hotels, indulge in delicious Italian cuisine and ride some of the best and most exhilarating mountain passes and scenic biking routes.

The Dolomites and Lake Garda guided-motorcycle-tour begins with a relaxing ride along the winding back roads of the French Ardennes. Next, from this beautiful biking region, we’ll work our way towards the enjoyable passes of the Vosges Mountains. Furthermore, crossing over to Germany, we’ll also take a brief spin along the fabulous B500. And just before arriving in Austria, we’ll also take in the first hazy views of the Bavarian Alps. Riding over the magnificent Timmelsjoch as well as the twisty Jaufen pass will signal our arrival to the Dolomites.

Talking about the ultimate forever young – Peter Pan attitude towards life, there is no better example than our next hostess. The landlady in our hotel in Corvara is the most glamorous grandmother we have ever met. And she also has a restaurant master chef with culinary skills to match her glamour. Therefore, needless to say, we’ll be well looked after for the next two nights.

Besides hospitality, there are also three other main factors that make biking in the Dolomites so alluring. First, there is breathtaking scenery. Second, let’s not forget the welcoming people. And, third, of course, we must include the exhilarating motorcycling routes. So, while here, we’ll certainly have the opportunity to ride some of the most spectacular mountain passes. These include the famous Sella Ronda as well as Valparola. Also, Giau, Croce and Passo di Costalunga are great rides too.

Next, we say farewell to our charming hostess and wind our way to the other side of the beautiful Dolomites. Lake Garda, our next port of call, is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, art, and passion for food. Moreover, it is also one of the most popular biking destinations that fervently advocate motorcycling, la Bella Vita. Our free day in the beautiful Lago di Garda comes with a few options. While here, we can go for a ride around several other mountain lakes. In addition, another alternative is to visit the world-famous Sirmione’s thermal pools. As well as this, we can also explore some of the many other Roman ruins.

Furthermore, we might opt to go on a ferry-hop ride between lakeside villages. Alternatively, a train journey to Verona as well as the lagoon city of Venice is also highly recommended. Or on the other hand, despite all options, we might do what we usually do while here. Slip into our flip-flops. And, in true Italian fashion, immerse in the hustle and bustle of Lakeland life.

On our way back to the UK, we’ll spend the last three nights in Lugano in Switzerland as well as Alsace and France’s Champagne region. Also, our passage includes crossing the majestic Swiss Alps and riding over the roller coaster Sankt Gotthard, twisty Furka, and enjoyable Grimsel pass, as well as a section of the scenic Sankt Gotthard Strasse.

Please study the tour itinerary below for more day-to-day information regarding the Dolomites and Lake Garda guided-motorcycle-tour.

PLEASE NOTE: On rare occasions, the itinerary might slightly change depending on hotel availability.

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France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland

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Day by day tour itinerary

Day 1 – Folkestone to Ardennes Region (France) (Approx. 200 miles)

We’ll start this fantastic Dolomites and Lake Garda guided-motorcycle-tour with the morning Eurotunnel crossing to Calais. Then 100 or so miles on the motorway through France will get us quickly to Belgium. As we head towards the Ardennes Region, we’ll cross France as well as Belgium’s borders on several occasions.

Also, our route will take us through Philippeville, Bouillon and Givet. We can stop at any or all of these towns for lunch or a drink. We usually stop at Givet for a bite to eat and a drink. The town is on the banks of the river Meuse on the French side, not far from the Belgian border. With its bridge over the river, pretty house fronts, hilltop citadel, and fantastic roads all around, it is a popular biking destination. There are several cafes and restaurants by the river, and also the parking isn’t a problem. 

The ride is not that long and demanding, so we should be in our converted fort hotel by mid-afternoon.

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Dolomites & Lake Garda guided motorcycle holiday