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Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia guided motorcycle holiday

Croatia Bosnia Slovenia guided-motorcycle-tour. A journey to the ancient lands of the Slavs, Romans and Ottomans.

For us personally, this fantastic Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia guided-motorcycle-tour is like going down memory lane. As Balkan born and bred, we are familiar with the local customs as well as fluent in languages and accents.

The Balkans have been influenced by various migrations, invading forces and empires throughout history. Each of them left a mark on our history, tradition as well as culture and customs.

Our flexible itinerary will allow us to admire the Austro-Hungarian art and architecture in Slovenia. In Croatia, we’ll journey back through history following the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. We’ll also see the evidence of migrating Celts and retreating Templars. Take in the charming atmosphere of Venetian markets and learn about the swashbuckling stories of Genovese pirates. Explore the Ottoman Empire’s legacy while winding our way through the stunningly beautiful scenery of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And finally, experience the welcoming hospitality and diverse cuisine of warm Slavonic people.

If you wish, this memorable Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia guided-motorcycle-tour consist of four different stages. The transit to Eastern Europe will take us via Luxembourg and France as well as Austria. Whereas the return leg includes the Italian Dolomites, Austrian Tyrol and the Champagne region. Labelling it as ‘the transit stage’ doesn’t do justice to this part of our holiday. In reality, it’s much more exciting than on paper. It includes some of the most exhilarating biking roads and mountain passes in Europe. We’ll ride over the Großglockner, Arlberg and Gerlos as well as Mauria and Falzarego pass. Also, we’ll take a spin along the entire length of the iconic Adriatic coast road.

Our first port of call in the Balkans on this fantastic Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia guided-motorcycle-tour is fast becoming one of the finest motorcycle touring destinations. With its jaw-dropping Julian Alps, Slovenia, perfectly preserved nature, and the greenest capital city in Europe is alluringly beautiful. To us bikers, even a suggestion of parking our bikes for a day might come as a surprise. However, to fully appreciate our free time in Ljubljana, this is precisely what we are proposing. Standing on a hill above the city is the magnificent Ljubljana Castle. It is an excellent start for our city tour. Prešernov Square is the heart of the historic city centre. From there, we can venture to the famous Triple Bridge, Dragon Bridge, City Museum and baroque city cathedral of St Nicholas.

Next on our Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia guided-motorcycle-tour, we’ll ride some beautiful traffic-free roads through the lush vineyards, fields and forests of Slovenia towards Croatia. Our destination on this day is the stunning Plitvice National Park, followed by entering Bosnia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the land of laid back culture. Its down to earth social atmosphere is firmly set on the foundations of convivial dining, wining and forever lasting meze. This is the country where the West meets the East. The most striking example of this unique clash and blend of cultures is the historic city of Mostar. Here we’ll have a chance to see the town’s most remarkable creation – the Stari Most (the Old Bridge). Besides history, for us personally, this extraordinary country’s enduring spirit is best expressed through its people. This is especially evident in their great sense of self-inflicted humour and genuine, uniquely warm hospitality.

Our arrival at the Pearl of the Adriatic will be marked by riding through rugged yet spectacularly beautiful mountain landscapes. And the best of all miles of traffic-free roads, cumbered curves as well as occasional challenging hairpin or two.

Dubrovnik is a historic fortified city with colossal ramparts and an even more colossal biking destination reputation. During our rest day, we’ll have some hard decisions to make. We can choose to take a stroll around the old town and its ancient walls. There is an option to join one of the many island-hopping boat trips. The islands’ unspoiled beauty will help us understand Odysseus’ eternal struggle to return to his homeland. And finally, just down the road is Montenegro affording the magnificent Mediterranean vistas and the Balkans’ best sunsets.

Connecting our next two overnight stops in Croatia is the breathtaking roller coaster Adriatic coast road. For the next two days, navigation is simple. We’ll keep the mountains to our right and the shimmering azure waters of the sea to our left. And most importantly – we’ll make sure that we enjoy it.

For more day-to-day information about Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia guided-motorcycle-holiday, please spend some time studying the tour itinerary below.

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26 May - 10 June 2024 - NOT AVAILABLE
24 May - 08 June 2025


Luxembourg, France, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia

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Day by day tour itinerary

Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia guided-motorcycle-tour
Day 1 – Folkestone to Luxembourg (Approx. 250 miles)

The main aim of the first three days of the Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia guided-motorcycle-tour is to provide us with a speedy transit to Eastern Europe. However, it certainly does not mean that we’ll have to spend three days riding only on the motorways. So let’s try to make it more attractive and see how we get on. 

Starting with an earlyish morning crossing from the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone, we’ll arrive at Calais. The first part of the ride will be on motorways. It is the quickest way to get to more beautiful roads and get the real flavour of our holiday. 

As we enter Belgium, we’ll begin to ride some fabulous country roads towards Luxembourg. Our onward journey will take us to Bastogne in the Ardennes region. It is a small town with a big tank parked in the centre square. This small provincial town also played a significant role in WW2. If you had a chance to watch the TV series ‘Band of Brothers’, then it’ll click, and you’ll remember it. If we have time, we’ll take a break here to stretch our legs and have a look around. 

Our comfortable hotel in Vianden is just up the road on the other side of the border. It has a fantastic beer garden with stunning views of the castle. 

"Even though the cost of living is generally high, Luxembourg's petrol is one of the cheapest in the EU"

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Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia guided motorcycle holiday