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Slovenia, Croatia and Dolomites self guided motorcycle holiday

Slovenia-Croatia-Dolomites self-guided motorcycle-tour. For this trip you need six months, twice a year.

Our Slovenia-Croatia-Dolomites self-guided motorcycle-tour combines three fantastic biking destinations into one memorable journey.

Slovenia – ‘The hidden jewel of Europe’ adds the sparkle of a mountain lake to this self guided motorcycle holiday.

Slow down and take your time—Marvel at flowery mountain meadows and pristine white water rivers as well as picturesque alpine villages.

The Julian Alps are renowned for their tranquil beauty. They form an astonishing backdrop to the family-run hotel located near the shores of crystal-clear Lake Bohinj. Furthermore, the hotel owner is a passionate chocolatier. She runs her own small shop offering a range of delicious homemade sweet treats.

From here, you’ll be able to take a short ride to Lake Bled to see the famous island church. Also, visit the magnificent clifftop castle and take a stroll along the spectacular Vintgar Gorge as well. Bled is renowned not only for its beauty but also for its famous cream cake. Slovenia is also home to one of the most challenging mountain passes on this side of the Alps. Vrsic Pass has fifty cobbled hairpin bends winding to dizzying heights of up to almost two thousand meters. But in return, the pass also affords some of the best picture-perfect views of the surrounding peaks.

From Slovenia, your self guided motorcycle holiday continues towards Croatia. The tour itinerary will allow you to ride some beautiful quiet biking routes. It gives you enough time to visit the famous tourist attractions. These include Postojna caves as well as nearby Predjama Castle.

Croatia – ‘The Land of Thousand Islands’ adds the fragrant Mediterranean flavour to your self guided motorcycle holiday.

Resist the urge to twist the throttle and make your descent towards the Adriatic coast last a little bit longer. Let the beauty of Croatia unfold in front of your visor.

Istria is a land of the striking contrast of fascinating customs and culture as well as history. It was shaped by the Roman Empire and Venetian merchants. It was raided by Genovese pirates and invaded by Austro-Hungarian armies. It was flavoured by Italian cuisine and moulded by Slavonic tradition. And finally, it was all blended in the blue salty waters of the Adriatic Sea.

This part of Croatia is home to numerous tourist attractions that can be easily included in your chosen day rides. They range from recent to Illyrian history and all the way back to Roman times. This part of Croatia is perfect for an easy, aimless, meandering type of riding. Regardless of which direction you point your bike, you’ll end up somewhere nice, eating something authentic and meeting welcoming locals.

With the Adriatic Sea on your doorstep, seafood might feature prominently on your menu. The quality and freshness of seafood in Istria are top-notch. The dishes usually include crab claws, calamari, octopus as well as sardines. Daily catch often provides a great selection. The best are various grilled fish platters.

The Dolomites – ‘the Pink Mountains’ add thrill and excitement to your self guided motorcycle holiday.

Pause to admire the dramatic views of the rugged Dolomites peaks, glacial lakes as well as expansive green valleys.

The Dolomites are the most beautiful part of all of the alpine regions. The jagged snow-capped peaks, hidden meadows as well as dark green forests fill the views in any direction. With its challenging mountain passes, the Dolomites present themselves as an excellent motorcycling destination.

On this part of the Slovenia-Croatia-Dolomites self-guided motorcycle-tour, you will enjoy the most welcoming mountain hospitality. Take in the luxury surroundings of the beautiful 4-star hotel. The hotel’s master chef will soon make you realise that riding is not the only authentic experience here. The sophistication of Italian cuisine can easily match the exhilaration of riding the mountain passes. And you will ride some of the most challenging as well as exhilarating mountain passes.

One of our day ride suggestions includes the famous Sella Ronda route. It takes you back to back over four stunning mountain passes. They include Passo di Campolongo, Passo di Gardena, Passo di Sella as well as Passo Pordoi.

While here, try to spare a bit of time and take a cable car from the Passo Pordoi. You can enjoy the stunning views from the mountaintop and take even more stunning photos of the majestic Dolomites.

For more day-to-day information about the Slovenia-Croatia-Dolomites self-guided motorcycle-tour, please spend some time studying the tour itinerary below.

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When to go:

May to September - during August, a high-season supplement is applicable


Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, France

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Day by day tour itinerary

Day 1 – Folkestone to Luxembourg (Approx. 250 miles)

On your first day of the Slovenia-Croatia-Dolomites self-guided motorcycle-tour you will cross the channel and ride to your overnight destination. The first part of the ride is on motorways. It is the quickest way to get to more beautiful roads and get the real flavour of your holiday.

On the motorways, the cafés and restaurants at the petrol stations are convenient places to have a bite to eat. A gentle ride through the Ardennes countryside will take you towards the Luxembourg border. But before you cross the border, it will be just the right time for another pit stop. You will have plenty of time to stop in Bastogne to stretch your legs and have a look around. The town has a charming town square with plenty of parking, a bakery, quite a few cafés and restaurants.

You will spend your first night in a hotel situated in a small town near the German border. An impressive medieval castle overlooks Vianden. If you get there with some time to spare, you can take a cable car to visit the castle.

"Luxembourg is one of the world's safest countries and
has only two jails"

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Slovenia, Croatia and Dolomites self guided motorcycle holiday