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Holland, Belgium, Vosges self guided motorcycle holiday

Holland-Belgium-Vosges self-guided motorcycle-tour. Journey to the lesser known motorcycling paradise.

The Holland-Belgium-Vosges self-guided motorcycle-tour is a relaxing week-long journey that includes comfortable hotels, visits to famous tourist attractions, enjoyable transit routes and scenic day rides.

If you think of the Netherlands, the first things that might spring into mind are flowers, windmills, cheese, canals, and people wearing wooden shoes. And thinking so, you’ll be right. The Netherlands is a country full of beautifully preserved nature where people live in harmony with their environment. Horticulture is a form of art. Magnificent windmills dominate the picturesque views of lush countryside. Canal boats and bicycles are the primary forms of transport. And traditional cheese markets are still tended by the men wearing straw hats and wooden clogs and the women wearing red pointy hats and, of course, wooden clogs. However, for us bikers, Holland has so much more to offer! It has some fantastic mirror-smooth panoramic biking roads.

On the first day of this fantastic Holland-Belgium-Vosges self-guided motorcycle-tour; you can pay a flying visit to the famous windmills at Kindredijk. While from your comfortable hotel in the beautiful cheese city of Gouda, you’ll be able to ride through the colourful tulip fields. And if you fancy it, you can also visit the world-renowned Keukenhof Botanical Gardens, Delft porcelain factory and Gouda cheese market.

From Holland, you’ll continue your self guided motorcycle holiday. A relaxing transit ride will gently take you from the land of the Dutch to your next destination in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes region and the land of Flemish.

Your comfortable base hotel for the next two nights is located in the centre of the charming provincial town of Bastogne. The hotel is only a short distance from the town centre. And the town centre is easy to find. You only need to look for a town square with a little tank parked next to the traffic lights. Bastogne played an essential role during WW2 and is steeped in military history. There are several war museums and memorial centres worth visiting. The town is best known for its part in the Battle of the Bulge. But it is even better known as the movie set for the “Easy Company” in the USA war series “Band of Brothers”. Apart from the war history, in the town centre, there are also quite a few cafés, bars, and restaurants perfect for sitting down, relaxing and people-watching.

During your free day in Bastogne, an optional ride along some fantastic biking roads will take you to the riverside town of Esch-sur-Sûre, the historic city of Arlon and the castle town of Vianden in Luxembourg.

Next, on your self guided motorcycle holiday, you’ll hop across yet another border, cross into France and travel to the beautiful Vosges Mountains. The suggested nearly motorway-free and most likely traffic-free route will effortlessly transport you to the Alsace region and the historic town of Munster. The city is well known for its strong-tasting soft cheese, fine wine and flammkuchen – An Alsacian traditional take on pizza-but-not-pizza-type-of-skinny-pizza-dish topped with crème fraîche, sliced onions, and chopped smoked bacon. But perhaps it is best known for its colony of stokes that happily occupy the town’s cathedral roof and spire. Your comfortable hotel will welcome you with cosy rooms and a delicious evening meal.

During your day off of your self guided motorcycle holiday, you might opt for a short ride, explore the stunning Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park, and ride Col du Grand Ballon, Route des Cretes and the famous Schlucht pass. You may also choose to extend your ride and visit Colmar. The best places to visit are the Old Town, Petite Venise (small Venice) along the river banks, the Rue de Tanneurs (Tanners Street), the Quai de la Poissonnerie (Quai of the fishermen) and the 14th-century Ancient Customs House with magnificent stained glass windows. Here, you can take a stroll along the narrow cobbled streets lined with half-timbered, half-painted houses that’ll take you back in time and show us the authentic Alsacian life from the past.

You’ll bring this memorable Holland, Belgium and Vosges guided motorcycle tour to its conclusion with a glass or two of bubbly in the Champagne region of France. It is one of the most beautiful and visited parts of France and a perfect place to say our farewells before returning to the UK.

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April to October - during August, a high-season supplement is applicable


Holland, Belgium, France

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Day by day tour itinerary

Holland-Belgium-Vosges self-guided motorcycle-tour
Day 1 – Folkestone to Gouda (Holland) (Approx. 200 miles)

Your Holland-Belgium-Vosges self-guided motorcycle-tour starts with a morning Euro-Tunnel crossing followed by a relaxing motorway ride towards Rotterdam.

Just outside Rotterdam, you can visit the Kinderdijk Molens and dive into a world of water, wind and windmills. Here you’ll be able to see how over the past seven centuries, people used canals, mills and pumping stations of Kinderdijk to keep the land dry. If you fancy it, you can board a tour boat or walk to take some stunning photos. Two of the mills are opened daily to the public, each telling the personal stories of the millers who worked and lived there. With your entrance ticket, you can visit both windmills.

Your comfortable hotel in the Gouda region will welcome you with a comfortable room and a delicious evening meal.

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