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Champagne self guided motorcycle holiday

Champagne self-guided motorcycle tour. Spend a few sparkling days riding the traffic-free roads.

Our Champagne self-guided motorcycle tour is a perfect season opener or short break abroad.

The Champagne region of France is less than 4½ hours ride from Calais. It is also an ideal location for a Grape Weekend. There are many reasons to visit France. But there are only two real reasons to visit the Champagne region. And that is to sample the wines and experience the champagne tradition and ride the great biking roads.

There appears to be some disagreement about who actually invented the bubbly. The French claim that Dom Pierre Perignon discovered the ‘method champenoise’ in the 17th century. However, in the picturesque Cotswold town of Winchcombe, they claim they know better. But in this particular instance, it does not really matter. For us, bikers, it is all about riding and visiting beautiful places.

The whole region has a pleasant rural feel as well as plenty of roads with winding bends. It also has many tourist sites that are well worth a visit. And of course not to forget the region’s world-famous warm hospitality as well as welcoming people.

Your ‘sparkling tale’ includes some of the most famous champagne houses spread all over this beautiful part of France.

After a short channel crossing, you’ll ride towards the Champagne region. For the next three nights, you’ll stay in a comfortable hotel in the centre of Troyes. If asked to pick one town to visit over and over again, then Troyes would often make the grade. And it would definitely be with a good reason. It is remarkably intact and charmingly pretty. It also has a city centre that will beam you back to the middle ages. A warren of cobbled streets and elegant half-timbered houses once was home to wealthy merchants, artists and French aristocrats.

The region’s historic capital has a wealth of medieval buildings that have long disappeared in many other towns. With its river, canals and lovely old buildings, it is a delightful place to wander through. You will seldom see so many old-timbered houses as well as medieval and Norman churches. There is a lively cafe/bar scene too.

If you wish you could spend an entire day just looking around the town and its main monuments.

During your stay in Troyes, you will have a choice of our suggested ride outs. They will include Château Bligny, General de Gaulle Museum in Colombey as well as the famous L’Avenue de Champagne in Épernay. You can also visit the magnificent Château la Motte Tilly and the historic town of Châlons-en-Champagne.

You will pass through picturesque villages, ride perfect motorcycling roads, and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Each day will be rounded off by a relaxing ride back to the hotel, just in time for a gourmet evening meal. The town provides you with an ideal location to enjoy the bubbly atmosphere and reflect on the day’s events.

For more day-to-day information, please spend some time studying the below itinerary about the Champagne self-guided motorcycle tour / self guided motorcycle holiday.

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April to October - during August, a high-season supplement is applicable



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Day by day tour itinerary

Day 1 – Folkestone to Champagne Region (Approx. 250 miles)

Arriving at the Eurotunnel is always exciting. Arriving at the Eurotunnel on your first day of the motorcycle tour is even more exciting. 

You will board the train for an early morning crossing. It is the fastest and most hassle-free way to get over the water and rich France. Following a speedy motorway transit towards Reims, you’ll arrive at the Champagne Region. If you wish to spend more time riding the fantastic French highways and byways, then you can reroute and get off the motorway at Arras or Laon. Épernay and Sézanne are both excellent places to stop for a drink or lunch. 

Your final destination today is a beautiful hotel located in the centre of historic Troyes. The town was once known as the capital of wine and champagne production.

"Champagne was invented by accident by… a clergyman"

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“We really enjoyed the tour. It’s a shame it had to end. The food, hotel and riding were fantastic. We are sure we will be back again.”

M&S Westwood

Essex, UK 2015

Champagne self guided motorcycle holiday