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Black Forest self guided motorcycle holiday

Black Forest self-guided motorcycle-tour where deep valleys, thick forests, flowery meadows and B500 awaits you.

The Black Forest self-guided motorcycle-tour is one of our most popular holidays. It is a perfect choice for a short break, a first trip abroad, or a season opener. Only one thing is more synonymous with the Black Forest than the Black Forest gateau for a biker. Of course, it is the fantastic biking roads and one road in particular more than any, the iconic B500.

The Black Forest region holds some of the best biking roads in Europe, if not the World. However, the famous Black Forest High Road appears to have more biking honey pot effect than any other. This epic road draws more bikers with a sweet tooth for riding than any other area in Germany. B500 runs from the Roman spa town of Baden-Baden all the way to the Swiss border. Although it is the most popular, there are many other equally exhilarating and equally rewarding roads to ride. Most of the routes run through an idyllic combination of forests, meadows, valleys, and hills. But this tour is attractive to British bikers because it’s relatively close to the UK.

You can easily explore all four corners of this beautiful region from your comfortable hotel. Without any doubt, the scenic highlight of this trip is the marvellous Lake Titisee. The lake’s crystal clear water and waterfront promenade make it high on the priority list on any visitor’s list. Furthermore, it is just the place to treat yourself to a slice or two of Black Forest gateau.

During your stay, you may take a ride to the tranquil mountain lakes Mumelsee and Schluchsee. In the past, Mummelsee was a place of many tales and legends. They featured water nymphs and an underwater king. However, nowadays, the lake is also a top-rated biking destination and a convenient coffee or lunch spot.

Another day trip will take you to Triberg, where you can visit the highest waterfall in the Black Forest. The town is also home to the World’s largest cuckoo clock.

The open-air museum in Gutach is dedicated to the region’s folklore, history, customs, and culture. The museum shows how people lived, worked and socialised throughout history. While you are there, why not pop next door and have an exciting downhill toboggan ride?

And finally, you might wish to add one more country to your tour log. In that case, a visit to Schaffhausen waterfalls is a must. As an extra bonus, you can go on a boat trip. Or you can also take a short walk to the magnificent Laufen Castle. Many viewing platforms offer spectacular views of the waterfall as well as the river Rhine. This ride to Switzerland is undoubtedly highly recommended.

As with most biking journeys, the destination’s primary impressions usually don’t come solely from riding. To a great extent, they also come from what happens alongside riding. Besides biking, food, tradition, culture, and history play a significant part. 

The Black Forest is the land of delicious cuisine and fascinating history, as well as welcoming people. Deep valleys, thick woodlands, flowery meadows, and timber farmhouses give the impression of a kids’ bedtime story. During this fantastic journey, you’ll write your own biking story that would match any of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales.

For more day-to-day information about the Black Forest self-guided motorcycle- tour / self guided motorcycle holiday, please spend some time studying the below tour itinerary.

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Tour highlights:

When to go:

May to September - during August, a high-season supplement is applicable


France, Germany, Luxembourg

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Day by day tour itinerary

Day 1 – Folkestone to Champagne Region (France) (Approx. 250 miles)

Today, your Black Forest self-guided motorcycle-tour starts. You’l ride through rolling vineyards, green woodlands, lush green pastures and peaceful villages. Appreciate exquisite gastronomy and world-class wines of the Champagne region. All this sounds fantastic. However, before you get to do any of that, you will need to get there first. The best and the quickest gateway will be to catch an early channel-tunnel crossing (or ferry).

By around midday, you’ll come off the motorway at Reims and pick up some lovely country roads. Both Épernay and Sézanne are convenient places to stop for a break or a short walkabout. Épernay’s majestic Champagne Avenue is considered as the epicentre of Champagne making. It is one kilometre long and has a total of one hundred kilometres of wine cellars. It’s not a bad place to kick off your holiday. 

Sézanne is another town conveniently located for a pits stop. It has a nice cobbled town square with a water feature, Norman church and a café. It also has a cash machine which seems to be frequently used by our clients. 

By late afternoon you’ll be in your hotel with a glass of bubbly admiring the sunset over the surrounding woodlands.

"Visitors to France - especially from certain Anglo countries - have a bad reputation for making everyone around them listen in to their conversation, whether they like it or not. And… the point is???"

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