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Austrian Alps self guided motorcycle holiday

Austrian Alps self-guided motorcycle-tour. From the moment you arrive you know you have arrived somewhere very special.

Our Austrian Alps self-guided motorcycle-tour is a popular holiday with all new hotels and revamped routes. This is an exciting motorcycle tour that will take you to the heart of the stunning Austrian Alps.

A famous composer once said, “It takes more than one note to write a symphony. And it also takes more than one instrument to play it”. The same applies to motorcycle holidays. It takes more than just mountain passes to have a complete as well as memorable biking experience. It also requires comfortable hotels, traditional cuisine, stunning scenery, history, culture, welcoming hospitality and above all, friendly people. And this fantastic tour has it all and hits all the notes.

Therefore, if you are an independent rider who wants a bit more than just a motorcycle riding trip, this fantastic Austrian Alps self-guided motorcycle-tour will appeal to you.

The choice of great biking roads and passes is endless. With their countless hairpin bends, some of the mountain passes will take you to dizzying heights close to 3000m. The best rides are the Arlberg and Gerlos Pass (Kriml waterfalls) as well as B99. You’ll also take a spin along the Nockalm and Maltatal Strasse, Sölk and Tauern, as well as Turrach Pass. And to finish on a high note, there are the most famous ones, the Großglockner and Timmelsjoch.

As well as being fantastic rides, both passes present an opportunity to visit two major tourist attractions. And also, as a bonus, they both have excellent restaurants on top.

The Großglockner, with its 36 hairpin bends, provides one of the most exhilarating rides in Europe. It also leads to Hohe Tauern National Park’s heart, ending up at the magnificent Pasterze Glacier. Here you may choose to stop for a well-deserved lunch. Judging by previous experiences, pancakes are always a popular choice.

Timmelsjoch pass, with its tighter hairpins and occasional summer snowfall, might require a more technical riding approach. The extra effort is worthwhile as it is usually rewarded with a tasty traditional lunch and a delicious slice of apple strudel. Also, the highest motorcycle museum in Europe is just next door. However, if you feel even more adventurous, you can also take a ride to the Julian Alps in Slovenia over the twisty cobbled Vrsic mountain pass.

All suggested rides lead directly to the heart of the Austrian Alps. They provide you with beautiful views of snow-capped mountain peaks and flowery meadows—dark green pine forests as well as ice-blue mountain lakes.

For the Sound of Music and Mozart fans, a day trip to Salzburg is a must on this fantastic self guided motorcycle holiday. Here you can spend time admiring the old town’s baroque architecture. You can visit numerous tourist attractions and also have lunch in one of the many elegant squares.

The top things to do here are visits to Mozart’s museum and his former residence. You can also visit St Peter’s monastery and cemetery as well as catacombs. While here, why not indulge in a slice or two of Sachertorte at the famous Sacher Café? Or perhaps have a cup of coffee at the trendy Café Tomaselli. Or even better, treat yourself with both.

This region is truly unique and offers a lot of possibilities both for bikers and tourists. From Salzburg, you can extend your ride to Hallstatt. The town’s situated on the crystal clear alpine lake’s shores and at the mountain’s foot. It is also one of the most photographed places in Austria.

If you wish to add a historical aspect to your self guided motorcycle holiday, take a ride along the scenic alpine roads into Germany. The picturesque town of Berchtesgaden, as well as the Eagle’s Nest, are both worthwhile visits. The mountain lodge was a gift to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday by the town mayor. Also, according to the locals, the fireplace was a present from Mussolini. In 1945, allied soldiers added various graffiti to the fireplace and chipped off countless souvenirs as well.

Sometimes before you start heading home, make sure you stop at a local stube. Schnitzel and Apple Strudel are always popular choices.

For more day-to-day information about the Austrian Alps self-guided motorcycle-tour / self guided motorcycle holiday, please spend some time studying the tour itinerary below.

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When to go:

May to September - during August, a high-season supplement is applicable


Luxembourg, Germany, Austria

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Day by day tour itinerary

Day 1 – Folkestone to Luxembourg (Approx. 250 miles)

On your first day of the Austrian Alps self-guided motorcycle-tour, you will cross the channel and ride to your first overnight destination. The first part of the ride is on motorways. It is the quickest way to get to more beautiful roads and get the real flavour of your holiday.

Pending on the fuel range of your motorcycle, it usually takes one or two stops for filling up. The restaurants at the petrol stations are convenient places to have a bite to eat as well. You will also have enough time to stop in Bastogne to stretch your legs and have a look around. The town has a charming town square with several cafes and restaurants with secure parking. It is just perfect for a long lazy afternoon coffee as well as a slice of cake. 

From here, it is only half an hour ride to your hotel in Luxembourg. Vianden is a small medieval town that rests on the banks of the river Our near the German border. It has an old city centre with cobbled streets and a magnificent castle. Please pay attention to a cobbled right-hand hairpin when entering the town.

"Even though the cost of living is generally high, Luxembourg's petrol is one of the cheapest in Europe. So, there is even more
reason to go there than"

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“The wildflowers in the meadows and the poppies in the fields and along every roadside made this tour extra special. It is something we do not see very often in our desert where we live. Thank you very much.”

Mrs & Mr Lewis

Arizona, USA, 2017

Austrian Alps self guided motorcycle holiday