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Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia guided motorcycle holiday

Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia guided motorcycle holiday. A memorable motorcycle journey from the White Cliffs of Dover to the heart of Eastern Europe... and back.

This fantastic Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia guided motorcycle holiday is a melting pot in many different ways. 

Historically it’ll take us on a journey of the Empires. We’ll time-travel from the Roman to Tatar & Mongolian, Byzantine to Ottoman and Prussian to Austro-Hungarian. Gastronomically this tour is a steaming cauldron of Slavonic, Germanic, Italian and Turkish fusion cuisines cooked on a slow fire over centuries. And socially, we’ll experience a warm welcome characteristic to the Balkans.

But most importantly, when it comes to riding, the Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia guided motorcycle holiday is a true melting pot of scenic biking routes, exhilarating mountain passes and nearly traffic-free country roads. We’ll travel through central Europe, cross the Alps, traverse Pannonian Plains, follow Danube Gorge and meander across the rugged plateaus of Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

The Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia guided motorcycle tour begins with a cocktail transit ride of motorways and winding scenic roads across Luxembourg, Germany and Austria.

Hungary is our first destination in Eastern Europe proper. From our base hotel on the shores of Lake Balaton, we’ll experience Hungary’s rich Tatar, Mongol and Austro-Hungarian heritage, culture and cuisine. The theme of this part of the tour is Tokaji wine, paprikash, goulash, Cigany grill (gipsy grill) and freshly baked bread. And, of course, riding along the quiet, traffic-free country roads through the eye-pleasing landscapes enveloped by the fragrant summer scents of the endless Pannonian pustas.

“Hungary is a land where the people are welcoming, the food is religion, and the language is unpronounceable”. 

Crossing into Serbia and sharing our time between four still unexplored destinations, we’ll experience a real melting pot of cultures, religions and empires. From the historical point of view, we’ll leave Atila the Hun and Genghis Khan behind and enter the domains of Austro-Hungarians, Romans, Byzantines, Turks, Slavs and perhaps lesser-known but culturally equally influential Vlahs. From the gastronomical point of view, we’ll enter the realm of sarma, gibanica and pljeskavica (please google each dish to be prepared when presented with menus).

“Serbia is a land where the family is everything in life, good food means a good life, and a handshake is the way of life”. 

Next, we continue to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout its history, many things have divided the Balkan countries. However, there is something that firmly unites them. All Balkan states have a great passion for coffee, dating back to Ottoman times. Turkish – unfiltered – coffee is drunk, savoured, consumed, and sipped throughout Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. However, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, not drinking coffee is practically against their faith. Therefore, stopping for a cezve or two of coffee, a bite or two of baklava, a nibble or two of ratluk (Turkish delight), and a people-watch as often as possible is practically mandatory during this stage of this fascinating tour.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is the land where the West meets the East. It is the land where an inquisitive personality is preferable, a healthy appetite is desirable, and a good sense of humour is mandatory”.

Croatian Zagorje, or as Croatians call it, Hrvatsko Zagorje (behind the hills), is our final destination in Eastern Europe. During Roman times, they named it Vallis Aurea (golden valley). And for a good reason too. Today, this history-rich, tradition-steeped, gastronomically-vibrant region of perfect-almost-traffic-free-roads has earned a bit of a secret motorcycle touring hotspot reputation.

“Croatia is the land where the true beauty comes from people, football is up there with the Pope, and the first few words you’ll learn are ‘Jedi!, Jedi!, Jedi!’ (Eat!, Eat!, Eat!)”. 

Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia guided motorcycle tour is a big tour with a big heart that never stops giving. Therefore, please spend some time reading the day-by-day itinerary. It’ll give you more details about the destinations and help you understand the vastness of this journey.

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27 July - 15 August 2024 - NOT AVAILABLE


Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Switzerland, France

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Not available
Day by day tour itinerary
Day 1 – Folkestone to Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) (Approx. 270 miles)

Welcome to the start of Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia guided motorcycle tour.

A morning channel tunnel crossing will take us under the water to Calais. From there, we’ll be heading towards Belgium. The first half of the route will be on the motorways giving us more time to ride the beautiful country roads in the afternoon. A great thing about riding through the Belgian Ardennes is we’ll never be short of breathtaking views. 

The riverside town of Givet is an excellent place to stop for lunch and refreshments and take some nice holiday photos. The town has a lovely square with several cafés and restaurants offering a great selection of traditional specialities. 

From Givet, we’ll continue our pleasant ride through the scenic countryside of Belgian and Luxembourg towards our hotel in the Luxembourg City region.

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Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia guided motorcycle holiday